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Aravindh Department Store


We are Atha Maligai alias Aravindh store. Our store is established over 60 years ago. We sell only branded rice that is of good quality like TSR. We don’t sell inferior quality rice. We give to our customers only guaranteed quality rice. TSR is prompt in delivering rice at the right time. Their price is in line with market rates. We get TSR price list every Monday. We can order as per our requirements and get delivery within couple of days. They maintain accurate accounts. We have been selling TSR rice for over 20 years. Our customers ask for TSR rice first while enquiring about rice and buy the same after enquiring about other rice.

Thiru Maniyan

Maan Malikai Stores, Muthur

Thiru Maniyan from Maan Malikai Store, muthur shared his 25 years of experience about TSR Rice Brand.

He Said: TSR Rice excels in quality. We get repeated orders from customers who buy it for first time. We are in business around 25 to 30 years. Since then people insist on TSR Brand. So we prefer to buy this brand. We trust this brand for its quality and nil complaint history for marriage and other functions. Since we have no hassles, we prefer to sell TSR Brand rice. We have no complaints from customers who buy this.

Thiru Sivakumar

Amman Maligai Store

Greetings. We have been selling TSR rice for over 25 years without any complaints. TSR offers various varieties of rice that are of good quality. We have good response from our customers.

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